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Baker's Dozen

Can’t Stop Spinning: Jessy Lanza’s Favourite Records
Aimee Armstrong , June 24th, 2020 09:13

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Jessy Lanza speaks to Aimee Armstrong about lifelong favourites from Fleetwood Mac to Missy Elliott, and discusses the records that helped her bridge the worlds of pop and jazz


Missy Elliott - Supa Dupa Fly
I remember being in grade seven or eight and feeling like I’d never heard music like that before. I just listened to it all the time and everyone else did too, all my friends we would just go over to each other's houses and listen to it. It has this longevity throughout my life - I would still be talking to people about a decade later. I think it’s an album that Jeremy Greenspan and I (who I work on all my music with) really bonded over it, ‘Best Friends’ with Aliyah is one of my favourite songs of all time. It goes on the top ten, which is kind of why I picked this album. There are some silly songs that haven't aged that well, but I still love it.