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Baker's Dozen

Can’t Stop Spinning: Jessy Lanza’s Favourite Records
Aimee Armstrong , June 24th, 2020 09:13

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Jessy Lanza speaks to Aimee Armstrong about lifelong favourites from Fleetwood Mac to Missy Elliott, and discusses the records that helped her bridge the worlds of pop and jazz


Janet Jackson - Janet
This is another record that came straight to me when I was asked to pick my 13 favourite albums. I was thinking about the things that really inspired me and I’ve loved Janet, ever since this album. ‘Again’ is on the Poetic Justice soundtrack and it’s amazing as is ‘Anytime, Anyplace’, it’s full of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production. I really like The Velvet Rope which came straight after and I really love Control but this record hits this kind of sweet spot in my brain from when I was 10 and looking for singers I could look up to. I really liked Mariah Carey, but there was just something so gentle about Janet Jackson as opposed to the kind of showstopping divas, even though I like that sort of thing too. Personally, I never felt as though I had that sort of confidence. Janet Jackson is confident while also being sort of subdued and I relate to that more.