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Baker's Dozen

Can’t Stop Spinning: Jessy Lanza’s Favourite Records
Aimee Armstrong , June 24th, 2020 09:13

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Jessy Lanza speaks to Aimee Armstrong about lifelong favourites from Fleetwood Mac to Missy Elliott, and discusses the records that helped her bridge the worlds of pop and jazz


DJ Rashad - 6613
I was gonna pick Double Cup, but then I thought the samples are just insane. I’ve always struggled to take everything I’ve learned about jazz, and jazz piano and but not make it super corny - and he was the master of making it new and different. I’ve always been in total admiration of DJ Rashad for that. 6613 is a great example of how to take jazz and soul samples and turn them into something completely different. That’s influenced me a lot in the way I resample my own voice. Taking songs I’ve written that are perhaps a little too smooth or a little too sweet and turning them into something else. I’ve always thought if he can do it to other people’s songs then why can’t I do it on my own.