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Baker's Dozen

A Babylonian Tower: Marc Hollander's Favourite Music
David McKenna , June 17th, 2020 08:34

Marc Hollander's Aksak Maboul have released one of the albums of the year and his Crammed Discs label have consistently provided a wide-ranging soundtrack to the globe. He guides David McKenna through favourite albums in this week's Baker's Dozen


The Righteous Brothers – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
This could have been a lot of other Phil Spector tracks. There was something about that sound that spoke to my imagination. It’s pop, you know… confectionary? A confection. But at the same time there’s something really epic with this production, it’s almost like a sword-and-sandal movie, you know the timpani and bells and choirs, tambourine totally and utterly to the front. So there was something already there about the use of the studio as an instrument, which is a bit clichéd but Phil Spector and people of that era did it, it’s on other records also, obviously The Beach Boys a little bit later and Motown also. What did you grasp about it when you first heard it? I think there was an emotional impact, I don’t think I analysed it. It’s only later I thought ‘this tambourine cannot be so far in the front, how did they do that?’ especially since they didn’t do overdubs so it’s really designed like that, the huge reverb and drums. It was something architectural maybe.