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Baker's Dozen

In Other Worlds: Tim Burgess' Favourite Albums
Diva Harris , May 27th, 2020 08:21

Tim Burgess has given us lockdown light relief with his hugely popular album listening parties and now does one of his very own as he guides Diva Harris through his Baker's Dozen


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Before Today
In 2010, when this came out, I’d moved from Los Angeles to London, and I was sharing a warehouse space with The Quietus, and Factory Floor – basically, they took me in. It was a nice time in my life. It was kind of a time when I needed a bit of repair work, and this album was the soundtrack.

There’s moments, especially on side two, that are disconcerting – intensity builds, lots happens in a short space of time, it’s got a jarring-ness. It’s on the verge of being erratic, but actually it’s done in a very concise way; it made other records at the time seem boring. Maybe it’s somewhere between Frank Zappa and Prefab Sprout – extended musicality, incredible pop nuances and sensibility, but there’s a humour there too.

Like the Prefab Sprout one, Ariel’s Twitter Listening Party was a highlight. Tim Koh said “Ariel’s influenced a lot of music, and most of it’s really bad.” [Laughs] I thought it was hilarious.