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Baker's Dozen

In Other Worlds: Tim Burgess' Favourite Albums
Diva Harris , May 27th, 2020 08:21

Tim Burgess has given us lockdown light relief with his hugely popular album listening parties and now does one of his very own as he guides Diva Harris through his Baker's Dozen


UK Subs - Brand New Age
I would’ve first seen UK Subs on Top Of The Pops. I think you’d describe it as ‘guttural punk’. Some people laughed at them a little bit because they were too “basic”... you know, it’s quite a basic record, meant for teenagers – but I liked them, and I feel compelled to say that I still do. Brand New Age was one of the first records that I ever had.

‘Warhead’ was their song about nuclear war. I remember being a kid and everyone thought the end of the world was about to happen, so I thought “I’ve got four years left, I may as well learn the bass” – and ‘Warhead’ was the first song that I ever learnt how to play the bass to. It was simple, it was the first instrument I ever picked up, and it was the first song that I wanted to learn.

In 1990, The Charlatans played at the Town and Country Club, which is now The Forum, that was a massive gig for us, and I saw Charlie Harper, the lead singer from UK Subs, at the bar. I had never met him before, or made contact with him before, he was just there as a fan. I thought that was such a great thing, that meant a lot to me. It was a thrill.

Their line-ups have changed, and people used to talk about the fact that he was in his forties when he was making this record in particular, so I imagine he’s maybe in his seventies now – and he’s still doin’ it! I mean, that’s pretty authentic.