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Baker's Dozen

Not Just Random Doof: Jas Shaw's Favourite Music
The Quietus , May 20th, 2020 11:07

Jas Shaw marks the release of the first album from his new project Shaw & Grossfeldt with a Quietus Baker's Dozen, featuring an Aphex Twin love story, why dance music isn't an albums game, and how a Resident Advisor podcast helped him through chemotherapy


Broadcast - The Noise Made By People
I have an odd relationship with vocals and I know that, statistically speaking, I’m likely to be wrong here. In 99% of cases it’s not the thing that I focus on and I’m told that this isn’t how it works. It really makes me question how other people experience the world because there’s so much going on in music and they, apparently, are focused on someone talking about breaking up with someone neither of us has met, which seems absurd to me. Broadcast is where I can join the crowd. Trish’s vocal style is very unfiddly but all the more musical for it, more honest, more direct; I think she had the best voice. The songs are simple and memorable and, like her delivery, very focused. It doesn’t feel jammy at all, there’s not much in the way of ad libs, each time she sings it’s worth listening to. Also the production is absurd on these records. There is a classic soundtracky feel to some of it but leaner and less grand and despite an obvious debt to certain American psych bands this feels very much its own thing, more well read, less cool, stranger, more interesting.