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PREMIERE: Algiers' Franklin Fisher Discusses Latest Album
Patrick Clarke , May 12th, 2020 14:36

The group's frontman discusses the writing of his epic poem 'Misophonia' with friend and author Blake Butler

In January, Algiers released one of the year's best albums in There Is No Year, a record of existential dread and anger that took its title from author Blake Butler's 2011 novel of the same name.

Much of the lyrics for Algiers' latest album, meanwhile, were taken from frontman Franklin Fisher's epic poem Misophonia, the creation of which he's discussed in a new interview with Blake Butler, who is a long-term friend of the group's and fellow Atlanta native. Franklin wrote Misophonia gradually while on tour, he reveals in the video, which premieres above.

"I think that having [written the poem], everything that had been pertinent to me over the last year was already written and already there," he says. "So once we started writing the songs as a group all I had to do was just refer to what was already there.

"I had the time to take whatever was actually in my heart – or things that occurred to me naturally as opposed to trying to force them – and just plagiarise myself. Then I could fit those things into these pop structures [...] and it could still be just as true and authentic, and come from an equally sincere place without compromising the integrity of what I was talking about."

You can see more behind the scenes conversations involving the group, including the band's Lee Tesche discussing design with There Is No Year album cover designer Farbod Kokabi, via the playlist below.

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