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New Project To Present Sounds Of Sussex Woods
Christian Eede , May 6th, 2020 15:26

tQ has partnered with the Nest Collective for Singing With Nightingales

Tonight (May 6), at 8.30pm BST, the Nest Collective will present the first in a two-part video and audio broadcast called Singing With Nightingales.

The project, as the Nest Collective explains, aims to take listeners and viewers "on a journey into the woods of Sussex to hear the unforgettable song of the nightingale." Special guest cellist Jonny Byers is also involved in the second audio-based broadcast, playing from his own home to piece together a real-time improvised duet with the nightingales. That kicks off at 10pm BST.

tQ is partnering with the Nest Collective for this project, which you can watch live above from 8.30pm BST or via YouTube. Find more information on the initiative here.