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Baker's Dozen

RIP Florian Schneider: A Kraftwerk Baker's Dozen Special
The Quietus , May 7th, 2020 08:57

Following sad news that Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider has died, we present a specially compiled Baker's Dozen of artists including Michael Rother, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Marie Davidson and Mark Lanegan on their favourite music by the kosmische musik masters


Vince Clarke on Computer World

I think it's their most pop record, it's got three or four minute tunes. I'm really into pop music... I've got all of their albums, but this one is almost like a best of. I saw them perform it live twice, years and years ago, in south London and Leicester. The first time I heard Kraftwerk was when 'The Model' came out, that was a riff that everybody could play, so that's what we played [laughs]. Obviously all bands start the same way, they don't play their own stuff, they're trying to play like other people, and 'The Model' is a really simple song to play. I'm sure there is a tape of me playing it somewhere out there, I don't know. Perhaps someone will do an impersonation of me doing it.