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Nadine Shah To Interview The Quietus
The Quietus , April 29th, 2020 09:17

Nadine Shah exacts 'payback' on narrow-shouldered music hacks in new Instagram series

The tables have been turned! Nadine Shah is launching the new Payback series on her Instagram channel tomorrow night (April 30), which will see her interview music journalists.

She kicks off the series with a candid talk with tQ's very own John Doran at 9pm, which will be followed next Tuesday (May 5) by a chat with Miranda Sawyer.

Speaking about the new lockdown project, Shah said: "I’ve always found it a weird format, to be asked all these questions and talk about myself over and over. One-sided conversations aren’t natural but I understand why they have to be the way they are.

"It’s often been the case over the years that me and whoever is interviewing will end up staying on in a pub and having drinks together long after the interview is concluded. I feel like once my part's done, it’s time to ask the questions back to them. Consequently I’ve made many good friends in music journalism on the back of these meetings.

"I’m not interested in the famous musician interviews famous musician podcast, I find them boring and egotistical. The music journalists are the ones with all the truly properly nitty gritty stories!"

Nadine Shah's new album, Kitchen Sink, is out on June 5.