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Baker's Dozen

Heal Your Soul: Fatoumata Diawara's Favourite Music
Adam Quarshie , April 29th, 2020 09:09

Acclaimed Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara talks Adam Quarshie through her favourite records, explaining the influence of powerful female vocalists from both the United States and from Mali's Wassoulou region.


Jill Scott - Woman
So you didn't get to hear much American music while you were growing up in Mali?

No, no. Not like this. How do you call it? Neo-Soul. I had a chance to listen to pop music: Beyoncé, Destiny's Child. But Jill Scott - her vocals are very strong technically. I love her. I like her smile and I like how she plays with her voice. She knows what she's doing, she has control of her voice. I needed those ladies for my own projects. I'm very curious, I like to learn new stuff every day. I learnt a lot from Jill Scott, in terms of technical skills.