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Coming Up With The Sunshine: Radio-Ed O'Brien's Favourite Music
Jude Rogers , April 22nd, 2020 08:15

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien marks the release of his solo album as EOB by talking to Jude Rogers about 13 favourite pieces of music, from Led Zep to Talk Talk, a longstanding love of Brazil, and Primal Scream


Scott Walker – Scott 3
Argh, I'm changing my mind now. Do I pick Scott 3 or Scott 4? Err…oh God, this is hard. Sorry. OK, I'll go for 3, purely because my wife and I were listening to it in the kitchen yesterday. Scott 4's my most-played album on all of my devices at home – it's literally been played three times more than any other record. But Scott 3…there's something especially moving about it right now. The end of 'Sons Of', that final moment. We both in tears at the end of it last night. Blubbing like idiots while making supper.

Among Radiohead, Scott Walker's definitely our unifying artist. First of all, it's his voice: it's just undeniable in its power. Then there's the Wally Stott arrangements, all this extraordinary instrumentation. To think that he was doing jingles and TV adverts at the same time. There's such craft in his albums, and such constant inspiration.