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Raven Artson Shares New Track, 'Notice Me'
The Quietus , April 15th, 2020 12:59

Los Angelino Raven Artson doesn't like having sex and may well be a cyborg John Denver dreamt up by a computer but he does like singing sleek, modern R&B tunes so welcome his new track gingerly

Raven Artson's record label Rosed Out describe him variously as a "beautiful freak", a "star in the waiting" and a "coitophobic cyborg John Denver sent from the virtual reality to share his sadness (because machines have feeling too)" but you'll be able to come up with your own description of him after you watch the video for his new single 'Notice Me' above.

Speaking about the track, Raven says: "'Notice me' is a not-so-classic love song about the duality in holding on to inner feelings. I try to save the idea of a platonic relationship by suppressing my urge for a romance and burying my growing discontent with the actual situation: 'No dismay, no dismay'. "However, my stubbornness is a ticking time bomb that inevitably has to blow. All I really want is my gestures to be seen for their true intent, regardless [of] the consequences: 'Notice me for what I am'.”

'Notice Me' is out now.