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Baker's Dozen

Ongoing Adventures: Rachel Unthank's Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , March 25th, 2020 10:23

Jude Rogers speaks to Rachel Unthank about her abiding love for and political importance of maintaining the folk tradition... but explains she wasn't averse to a bit of Faith No More when it all got too much. This week's Baker's Dozen.


John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
This is a record I've just fallen in love with. I've known Miles Davis and some Charles Mingus before, but this is something else. I was given it as a present, and I've just been captivated by it. It's so packed with emotion, and it takes you to all these different places in love: struggle, pain, joy, transcendence, chaos and calm. 

It also feels so complete in the story it tells musically. And to have this whole new musical adventure now, to be thrown into this other world, in this music I never listened to when I was younger, is really exciting.