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Baker's Dozen

Ongoing Adventures: Rachel Unthank's Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , March 25th, 2020 10:23

Jude Rogers speaks to Rachel Unthank about her abiding love for and political importance of maintaining the folk tradition... but explains she wasn't averse to a bit of Faith No More when it all got too much. This week's Baker's Dozen.


Laura Veirs – Tumble Bee
When my eldest was a baby, I'd take her on tour, and this album was an important part of the kit. There'd be a battle after the gigs to get her into the car and I'd be all, "Put Tumble Bee on quick! Put Tumble Bee on before she kicks off!" And then everything would be alright. So I'd like to thank you, Laura, for saving my life a few times [laughs]. 

This is a really wonderful album for children, well-crafted and beautiful, that doesn't dumb things down. I still listen to it now, quite happily, without the kids. Becky and Niopha have babies now, and we had them on tour with us when they were both about six-months-old. That time in my life is very much done, but it was really lovely. I remember Becky standing backstage, and breathing out, going, ‘Oh my God, I'm in a quiet room with a clean dress on'. I remember that feeling too [laughs].