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Join A Studio Ghibli Viewing With Experts
The Quietus , March 20th, 2020 13:20

Celebrate the arrival of all of Studio Ghibli's films onto Netflix next Tuesday, with a community viewing led by pros

If you're in need of an injection of unbridled joy (and frankly, right now, who isn't?) then make sure you join the Ghibliotheque podcast for their 'Live Watch Party' of My Neighbour Totoro on Twitter on Tuesday 24 March, 8PM GMT.

Ghibliotheque has been exploring all of Studio Ghibli's films (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) one by one, with expert host Michael Leader, sharing his love of the films and their makers with first-time viewer Jake Cunningham. In 2019, the podcast travelled to Japan to record special episodes from the Studio Ghibli museum and talk to industry insiders. These episodes are currently rolling out on all podcast platforms - a great way of feeling like you're travelling or visiting a nice busy cultural space, without having to leave the house.

To help bring fans of Ghibli old and new together, on Tuesday night the podcast team will be watching My Neighbour Totoro, one of the studio's most lauded works and a beautiful celebration of nature, sisterhood and large, furry support networks. Head over to @ghibliotheque on Twitter, and use the hashtag #TotoroLive to get involved.

Studio Ghibli's films have finally been made available for streaming, and My Neighbour Totoro can be watched on Netflix worldwide.