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Overlapping Terrain: Richard Skelton's Favourite Music
Luke Turner , February 26th, 2020 09:18

Following the release of his new album LASTGLACIALMAXIMUM, the prolific Richard Skelton speaks to Luke Turner about the music that inspired his own work, from Thomas Tallis to Phuture, Nico to Sly & The Family Stone, The Stooges and Gorecki


Rhythm Is Rhythm – 'The Beginning'
That was that was a little bit later, about 1990. Techno was well established by then and Derrick May for me was one of one of the most interesting of those early Detroit techno pioneers. Again, Stu Allan would play it on his radio show. One of the strange things about this track is that the bass drum takes a long time to comes in – he's straddling those different domains of club music and listening music. It has this incredible build up with these strings fading in until they envelop the sound. In terms of informing my ideas about how to compose – the idea of things fading in slowly – that comes from listening to this track.