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More Than Entertainment: Moses Boyd's Favourite Music
Michael Appouh , February 19th, 2020 09:44

Following the release of his Dark Matter album, London jazz scene mainstay Moses Boyd guides Michael Appouh through the music that shaped it, from N/E//R*/D to Dizzee, Jeff Buckley and hymns of praise


Björk – ‘Human Behaviour’
My mum was into Björk, and at the time I was just like, ahh it’s just my mum’s music, so I was listening at maybe teenage years, 13 or 14 but then really got into it at 18. Like, ‘Oh I get this, this is actually more me than I thought it was’. That whole album of Debut, ‘Human Behaviour-, production wise, content, just sound - when you hear them drums, they’re so gritty and cyclical. I think that was the main thing I was trying to get across with my album, that sound. Björk, I think is the master of that, whatever she does she creates a world in her own albums. So whether you listen to Debut, Vespertine, Vulnicura, Post - all of her records have an identical feeling when you listen to them and I'm like, ‘okay, I've stepped into Björk’s domain’. I don't know how she does it, but I was trying to do something like that with Dark Matter, like this is the sound. This record is very different to everything else and it’s got a sound that can make you feel something - feeling and emotion and response to sound and vibrations was something I was kind of going for with my record.