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More Than Entertainment: Moses Boyd's Favourite Music
Michael Appouh , February 19th, 2020 09:44

Following the release of his Dark Matter album, London jazz scene mainstay Moses Boyd guides Michael Appouh through the music that shaped it, from N/E//R*/D to Dizzee, Jeff Buckley and hymns of praise


Jeff Buckley – ‘Yard Of Blonde Girls’
The album I got into most from Jeff Buckley was Grace and I listened to that loads. I've listened to that back to front, but more recently I got into Sketches For My Sweetheart which this song is on. I think that this album is all demos and the fact that it still sounds so complete, the message is still so strong, the energy’s still there. Something about that particular song just really felt like church to me I can’t explain it, maybe it’s the chord progression. It was like grunge church, I'm into that. I'd love to go to a sermon where it’s grunge church, that's me. But more so how he kind of created a world in this song where I don't really get what he’s chatting about but I’m with him, I’m on that journey. I love things like that, that I can’t explain, and I think Dark Matter is very much like that, I don't want people to try and explain it. I want people to try and feel it, have that relationship. And then maybe one day find out why it makes you feel this way. I haven't found the answer for this one yet but that's definitely the vibe.