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Sole Trader By Michael... For Your Pleasure
John Doran , January 29th, 2020 10:43

Yet more stuff that future archeologists are going to puzzle themselves raw over

Take a break from feverishly trying to get your tax returns done in order to watch/ listen/ endure/ enjoy 'Sole Trader', the brand new audio/visual emission from Michael.

Culled from the ranks of Bad Guys, Notorious Hi-Fi Killers, Hag, Lucozade, Black Shape and Princess Headbutt, Michael are reassuringly unpleasant.

'Sole Trader' is taken from their debut album Tell Your Friends, which will be available from 1 February on Cracked Ankles and you can hear some other tracks and pre-order via the Bandcamp embed at the foot of this article.

Frontperson Milo Brennan has provided us with the following cryptic statement by way of explanation: "They say the city never sleeps. But is it partial to a nap? A decade on, Del Boys still flex, steady spinning straw into gold. Knee deep in Dark Pools and baggy mergers. Dancing the conga through bonus season like the ice in that spritzer can’t melt. But you still can’t help thinking that somebody, somewhere Madoff with a ludicrous wedge.

"Michael come. Michael arrive. Let Michael think for you. Crypto currency via cryptic commentary, confuse yourself some more. You won’t find answers here but please find time to treat yourself. With drum, string, and a word in your ear, allow yourself a slice of our pie. Remember, greed is good.

"So submit that return and lend us your time. Reflect. Wire Her Maj that wedge, put your well-heeled feet up, and raise a single-use flute. To death and taxes. Michael got you covered.”

They're on tour in February. It'll probably involve drinking. You should go and watch them.

Here are the dates: