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Baker's Dozen

Beautiful & Sad: Ben Watt's Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , January 29th, 2020 09:48

As he releases a new solo record, Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl guides Jude Rogers through his Baker's Dozen, from Frank Ocean to Paul Simon and Bobby Womack to why male music critics were afraid of Joni Mitchell


Gold Leaves – The Ornament
I've got a great friend, Todd Robinson, who runs a shop called Luna Music in Indianapolis, and we've been on lots of road trips together in America over the years. We both bond over music like this, stuff that has an American alt-psych-folk-rock feel. I find it a really appealing sound, and it's usually lifted by a great voice. Gold Leaves have that with Grant Olsen, who has such a beautiful voice. It's part beautiful, part-weary, part-determined, part-resigned. The music, too, is all a bit casual on the outside, a bit Lee Hazlewood, a bit Scott Walker, a bit melancholy, but it all comes together into something really special. We played this driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was perfect.