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Give The Drummer Some: The Instruments Of Jaki Liebezeit
The Quietus , January 25th, 2020 07:28

In an exclusive extract from his new book, Jaki Liebezeit: Life, Theory and Practice of a Master Drummer, Jono Podmore takes us through the instruments that contributed to the former Can drummer's unique sound and playing style


Sticks and Beaters
Jaki used classic Western-style drumsticks but removed the acorn (the small lump at the thin end of a drumstick) as the ergonomic nature of his system of playing made it redundant. Alongside these are beaters for particular drums and gongs and also sticks that he found. Whenever on a walk in woods or at the seaside Jaki would look for branches that could be used as sticks. He was particularly fond of sticks with a 90° bend in them. This produces much more power due to extra mass concentrated in the tip.

The brass cups he kept his sticks and beaters in are the bodies of shells and grenades. Also sounding good when beaten, they are another reminder of German history.