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Baker's Dozen

Oooff, Ken! It's John Shuttleworth's Baker's Dozen!
Luke Turner , January 22nd, 2020 09:02

As he prepares to head off on a major UK tour, South Yorkshire's finest electronic artiste John Shuttleworth delves into his dusty loft to find 13 favourite records, from Harry Secombe to The Beatles, Mrs Mills and Leo Sayer


The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Staying with the flamboyant album covers - The Beatles pulled out all the stops with this one! After years of being dressed in depressing black jumpers and slacks, it was so refreshing to see the Fab Four inject a little bit of colour and style into their outfits, and the public welcomed them back eagerly. While some of the LP’s content is of a dubious nature - (it’s psychedelic, isn’t it? Drug inspired?) which I don’t approve of, the fun quality of their attire, and their smart military bearing, allows you to forgive all that and say 'Good on you, lads!' I felt the same when the Thompson Twins burst on to the music scene in the 80s with their crazy oversized baseball caps and clown’s pantaloons. Lovely stuff!