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Baker's Dozen

Oooff, Ken! It's John Shuttleworth's Baker's Dozen!
Luke Turner , January 22nd, 2020 09:02

As he prepares to head off on a major UK tour, South Yorkshire's finest electronic artiste John Shuttleworth delves into his dusty loft to find 13 favourite records, from Harry Secombe to The Beatles, Mrs Mills and Leo Sayer


Stuart Anderson’s Party
This LP was given to me by wife‘s friend Joan Chitty for Christmas one year. Me and a Mary gave it a whirl and while it contains some fine toe tapping melodies like 'Doon in the Wee Room' and “The Ghostie”, Stuart’s high voice gets on your nerves (even more than that lad out of the Rubettes!) What I really admire is the sleeve though. Inflated balloons always look good on an LP cover, I’m sure you agree - and seeing the boy in the kilt (Stuart himself, I presume?) reminds me of a lovely wedding Mary and I went to in the late 80s. Mary was dancing with several other ladies and all was fine until a little lad in a kilt got up and joined in. His dance steps were highly erratic and his presence dangerous to the safety of the group, in my view. I couldn’t believe it! That was the night I tried stilton cheese for the first and last time, so it was a memorable occasion one way or the other.