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Baker's Dozen

Oooff, Ken! It's John Shuttleworth's Baker's Dozen!
Luke Turner , January 22nd, 2020 09:02

As he prepares to head off on a major UK tour, South Yorkshire's finest electronic artiste John Shuttleworth delves into his dusty loft to find 13 favourite records, from Harry Secombe to The Beatles, Mrs Mills and Leo Sayer


Mrs Mills - Mrs Mills Party Sing Along
At one time ace pianist Mrs Mills had the same manager as the Rolling Stones and was signed to the same record label as The Beatles (why, they even shared rehearsal rooms in Abbey Road Studios) However, to compare Mrs Mills to those ‘fly by nights’ is an insult to the legacy of this former typist from East London who dominated the British music scene throughout the swinging 60s. She could read music, you see (Paul McCartney has admitted he can’t) Neither can I, as it happens, but I don’t need to - my Yamaha organ with built-in auto accompaniment boasts ‘single finger play’. Mrs Mills is so good she even released an album called Look Mum - No Hands!, a title shamelessly nicked by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine in 1992. But Mrs Mills finest album was released in 1970 and its one review on Amazon (by Captain William R King) says it all: “I loved the singalong LP and believe it to be the very best of all Mrs Mills records. You can’t improve on perfection!” No, you can’t - but oof, was the multi faced cover really necessary? It looks a bit hallucinogenic, if you ask me...