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Baker's Dozen

No Limits: Jaakko Eino Kalevi's 13 Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , January 24th, 2020 11:59

Finland's finest selects a varied mix of metal, jazz, funk, prog and kraut for his Baker's Dozen


Jimi Tenor - Organism

He’s underground famous in Finland, and he’s still pretty active. I used to listen to him a lot when I was younger, he’s a very inspiring guy who’s done a lot of different kinds of music, some experimental electronic music, some afrobeat, it’s all kind of funky, in the Finnish way! But I think this is the best of his records. My favourite is when he plays just solo, because it’s more electronic than other albums and for me also has all the hits. I’ve played live with him a few times. Once when it was my 30th birthday, and he’s my big idol, so it was such a great honour. Last autumn we played in Bergen where he had an experimental set with a 100-year-old printing press machine, he was just jamming with the machine. That was cool!