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LISTEN: Aidan Moffat's New Project, Nyx Nótt
Patrick Clarke , December 2nd, 2019 12:00

Aidan Moffat has announced an album under new moniker Nyx Nótt. Take a listen to an exclusive preview of the record below

Aidan Moffat has announced a new album Aux Pieds De La Nuit due on Valentine's Day 2020, under the pseudonym Nyx Nótt, and you can hear a preview of the record exclusively with tQ above.

The clip you can hear above features three of the songs from the entirely instrumental record, introduced by Moffat in the style of a particularly sultry late night DJ.

“I’d work on it when everyone else was at home was in bed,” he says. “I don't sleep very well and I'm very much a nighthawk, so the music I made was naturally nocturnal.”

“For me, making instrumental music is like working with your favourite tool missing,” he continues. “It's more of a challenge and a bit more risky. It relies more on instinct than songwriting does, or at least it does for me. It requires a bit more trust in yourself when there's no-one to bounce ideas off – in that way, these sorts of records are probably more personal than those with my voice.”

The name comes from two mythical goddesses of night, and is the latest project from the prolific Arab Strap frontman since his recent collaboration with guitarist R.M. Hubbert, Here Lies The Body.

Nyx Nótt's Au Pieds De La Nuit is out on 14 February via Melodic. To pre-order, click here.