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Defiance Nick Roseblade , December 3rd, 2019 10:04

Lyzza hits her stride on new EP, Defiance, finds Nick Roseblade

Since her debut EP, Powerplay, exploded in 2017 Lyzza has been one to keep up with. On her latest EP Defiance, she shows what she is capable of with devastating results. The six songs that make up this release feel like a call to arms for anyone who has been made to feel shit for being themselves. This is the kind of release that gives you faith that we haven’t reached a locked groove of culture, where everything is just looped back on us without any deviation. Lyzza has released a collection of songs that are euphoric – but pissed off too.

The two tracks that sum up this new Lyzza are ‘Neverland’ and ‘+00 Burner Call’. ‘Neverland’ is possibly the poppiest track on the EP. Opening with tight claps, and Lyzza inviting us to “Take me there a little close”’. When the bouncy beat kicks, ‘Neverland’ has a feeling a familiarity to it, but you aren’t sure where from. Then you see that Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard is on the track and everything clicks. But Goddard isn’t the only guest, Tom McFarland, from Poundland indie act Jungle, is also here. This is by far the best thing that McFarland has done to date and his inclusion made ‘Neverland’ a true banger.

On Defiance Lyzza has taken a step away from the club and embraced the wonkier end of pop, but somehow managed to remain firmly on the dancefloor. This is exemplified on the EP’s closing, and standout moment, ‘+00 Burner Call’. After a hazy synth intro and Lyzza’s glorious sing-talking vocals, the real magic happens around 2:30. There is an instrumental breakdown where wispy synths float around before Lyzza bellows “Are you ready?” The massive breaks start and just when you think it’s all going to kick off, Lyzza brings it back to a delightful pop banger.

Given the short time frame Lyzza has been releasing music, to get to this level of quality is remarkable. But she is also hinting that the best is yet to come.