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Baker's Dozen

Something Got Him Started: Mick Hucknall's Favourite Albums
David Bennun , November 13th, 2019 10:02

As Simply Red release a new album, Mick Hucknall talks about what he considers the “perfect and complete” albums that inspired him, defined his approach to making music, and taught him how to be in a band. Also, about how he thrilled he was to be cock-blocked by Miles Davis. Photo by Dean Chalkley


Andy Williams – Music To Watch Girls By: The Very Best Of Andy Williams
There are so many greatest hits albums by an artist, aren't there. I think we've got three. But now I've fortunately managed to sort out my record contract so they can't release them any more without my permission, so that'll be the end of that. I remember watching the Andy Williams Show, where he launched the careers of The Jackson 5 and to a lesser extent the Osmonds, but when I look at these tracks . . . first of all, he's got the most beautiful voice. And secondly, he chose over the years some fantastic songs. 'Music To Watch Girls By' is just a teen anthem. It would be for any era. It's never going to change. It encapsulates that whole teen curiosity when you suddenly start checking boys and girls out, going, he's cute, or she's cute, it just captures it. 'Moon River'. 'Happy Hearts'. 'Home Loving Man'. 'Almost There'. 'Theme From Love Story'. 'Solitaire'. These are beautiful songs and great recordings. It doesn't matter what the genre is. I saw him perform in the Albert Hall not long before he died. I was amazed how well he sang. I think he was close to 80. He sang just perfectly. I was blown away. There's so many times you go and see shows, people of a certain age, they can't quite hit the notes like they once could, but I was very impressed by him. I love so much of his music. He's a great artist.