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Something Got Him Started: Mick Hucknall's Favourite Albums
David Bennun , November 13th, 2019 10:02

As Simply Red release a new album, Mick Hucknall talks about what he considers the “perfect and complete” albums that inspired him, defined his approach to making music, and taught him how to be in a band. Also, about how he thrilled he was to be cock-blocked by Miles Davis. Photo by Dean Chalkley


Bobby "Blue" Bland – The Best Of Bobby "Blue" Bland
My late friend and mentor, a guy called Roger Eagle, who used to run Eric's [club] in Liverpool, he turned me on to Bobby Bland. And straight away I was just blown away by the voice. This incredible voice. What I like about Bobby Bland is he has tinges of jazz in the R&B, it's not just straight ahead R&B, the jazz comes through. I was very fortunate to spend time with Bobby, and B.B. King as well, they were very close friends [of one another]. B.B. contributes to the film we made when we went over to Memphis and I spent a little time with Bobby [this documentary features on the DVD edition of M.H.'s 2008 solo album, Tribute to Bobby]. He's a profound influence on me, he's a truly great singer. His music lives with me, and I just love him and it. I love the R&B of that period. A wonderful experience, just knowing these guys, and spending time with them and listening to their stories.