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Baker's Dozen

A Feeling Called Love: Jarvis Cocker's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , October 30th, 2019 12:05

As he releases a compilation of music from his 6 Music Sunday Service programme, Jarvis Cocker guides Luke Turner through 13 favourite albums and tells stories of Sheffield clubbing in the 80s, getting bollocked by the BBC for mentioning Thatcher, and why you should never look for messages in musical presents from an ex


Serafina Steer - The Moths Are Real
I found out about Serafina through the radio show. It was right at the beginning of the Sunday Service and I was trying to be diligent and listen to all the records that I was sent, but it quickly became apparent that was never going to work and I was getting depressed that there were so many bad records. I was down in the dumps and then I put on her album Change Is Good Change Is Good and I really liked it, it made me forget the previous eight hours of boredom. I went to see her do a concert at Cafe Oto, and really enjoyed it. Again it's a bit like Bill Callahan, it's melodic and the words are good but structure-wise it goes all over the place, I'm always impressed by and a little bit jealous of people who can do that. We got to know each other a bit, I got to play on a couple of things, and when she was getting her next record together she asked if I would produce it. So I produced this record and I know it very well, but I wanted it to be in there because it's been a very important thing for me, she's now in the Jarv Is band and is very involved in the music of that. I've got the radio show to thank for us because I'd probably never have been aware of her. I discovered a lot of great music through the show and this led to a creative partnership.