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Baker's Dozen

A Feeling Called Love: Jarvis Cocker's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , October 30th, 2019 12:05

As he releases a compilation of music from his 6 Music Sunday Service programme, Jarvis Cocker guides Luke Turner through 13 favourite albums and tells stories of Sheffield clubbing in the 80s, getting bollocked by the BBC for mentioning Thatcher, and why you should never look for messages in musical presents from an ex


Bill Callahan - Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest
I was aware of Bill Callahan through Smog and that, but I think these latest records that he's done are amazing. They're quite abstract in a way, it's really quite something, the lyrics are really good but the music is also really imaginative and the song structures are quite weird. He definitely doesn't stick to the pop song structure that I was talking about earlier on, but it is melodic, it's not atonal or anything. His records have a natural, very close sound, but it isn't straight folk or anything like that, the instruments are acoustic but then he goes off into these different realms. I think the latest record, that I'm just trying to get my head around at the moment, continues that. He's really thought of it as an album, it's a double and it's split up into four sides, and I know that when he was letting people know about it they released a side at a time, so it's conceived as those four or five songs sitting together as a suite. It's the best record I've heard in ages.