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Baker's Dozen

A Feeling Called Love: Jarvis Cocker's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , October 30th, 2019 12:05

As he releases a compilation of music from his 6 Music Sunday Service programme, Jarvis Cocker guides Luke Turner through 13 favourite albums and tells stories of Sheffield clubbing in the 80s, getting bollocked by the BBC for mentioning Thatcher, and why you should never look for messages in musical presents from an ex


Endless Boogie - Volumes I & II
That was the last record I bought, basically. It's taking psychedelic rock, some of it's bar room rock playing the same riff over and over again, but something about that repetition turns it into a more psychedelic experience. He kind of sings, but as far I can make out he's not actually singing any words, he's just making these growling sounds. It's got all the ingredients that would be in a Leonard Skynyrd song or something, but just as it becomes too much or is repeated too often, he boils it down to the bare bones of it, and there's something really interesting about that. Again, you can just kind of go off on one. You can tell that there's no smirking involved, you can tell it's the kind of music they like to get into a headspace. It takes you somewhere.