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LISTEN: Eartheater Remixes Alex Epton
Christian Eede , October 17th, 2019 15:43

The PAN-affiliated artist reworks Epton's '30HA' score

Next month sees the release of '30HA', a film score created by producer Alex Epton in collaboration with cellist Lucinda Chua to accompany the film of the same name.

Ahead of the film's premiere and the score's release next month, PAN-affiliated artist Eartheater has produced her own rework of the score, which you can hear above. Her six-minute re-interpretation of the score sees her completely rip up the original, adding her own vocals to proceedings.

"Because the film is about a dialogue between the west and the east, and an ongoing conversation that's more of an essay than a film, we collaborated with Eartheater - who is Russian American - to take parts of the score and remix them, creating a whole new song that twists pieces of Swan Lake and more into something deeply personal, featuring her father reading her lyrics in Russian," says Clayton Vomero, director of 3OHA, which is pronounced as 'Zona' in English. "It's astoundingly beautiful and really hits the mysterious emotional place in the middle, where the film also exists."

30HA will be premiered at London's Everyman Screen on the Green on November 6 where Eartheater and Alex Epton will play live in addition to a screening of the film.

"We're structuring the night around this weird mysterious ether of 3OHA - flowing from the film to the score to live versions of the remixes and more, as we want the full night to be an experience that feels like the film itself," says Vomero.

The film itself was shot on location in Russia and Ukraine, and follows the outsider lives of young people in Kiev, Moscow, Vladimir and St. Petersburg. Billed as "part docufilm, part archival history lesson and part impressionistic emotional evocation, 30HA touches on elements of 20th century Soviet culture and history "now diffracted through the cracked lens of western capitalist consumerism," explains a press release. You can watch a trailer here.

Alex Epton and Lucinda Chua's 30HA score will be released on November 8 via SA Recordings. Grab a ticket for the London premiere here.