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Baker's Dozen

Dawn To Dusk: Richard Dawson's Favourite Albums
Jennifer Lucy Allan , October 14th, 2019 08:45

Tales of the oddest record shop on Tyneside and much more as Richard Dawson guides Jennifer Lucy Allan through an unsurprisingly diverse selection of records in this week's Baker's Dozen


Sophie - Product​
What was always a big thing for me was hearing things I'd never heard before – being confused or perplexed or surprised by what I was hearing, and I feel like it gets harder and harder to have those experiences. I was flicking through some of the online shops like Boomkat, Honest Jons, Phonica and Kristina, and they all have these samples. For a four or five year stretch, when I wasn't in the record shop any more, I was spending an hour a day just going through every new thing that was coming into these shops, listening to the samples. I was buying a bit, but not loads, not unless something really grabbed us. And I heard a bit of the Sophie track 'Bipp' and it made me feel like a teenager again, it was so completely fresh.

It's something that has very quickly and succinctly established its own landscape and language, and operates with its own rules. I was writing about it to a pal recently and I said that I feel like Sophie is at the very tip of the arrow. 

I'm thirsty for that. it gets tougher, and you drop out for a year and you don't know where to look, you get a bit lost. In the past from being basically a kid to being maybe 28 to 30, that was just constant, devouring, but when I've got more focused on my own music and it becomes quite seasonal, once I get into an album I tend to drop off seeking out and listening to stuff. When I'm making a record, for want of a better term, I go from suck to blow.