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Baker's Dozen

Dawn To Dusk: Richard Dawson's Favourite Albums
Jennifer Lucy Allan , October 14th, 2019 08:45

Tales of the oddest record shop on Tyneside and much more as Richard Dawson guides Jennifer Lucy Allan through an unsurprisingly diverse selection of records in this week's Baker's Dozen


The Land of the Morning Star: Songs and Music of Arnhemland​
I went out to Australia with Basic House. We were in Melbourne for a week, which has got the most amazing record shops, four or five of the best ones I've ever been in. Joe who booked us for those shows recommended this as a bit of a classic of Australian music. We didn't get to wild bush, but we went out to a forest and I saw an ant the size of my big finger, bats, kangaroos, and a giant eagle by the side of the road that was as big as a boy. We had gone looking for koalas, walked for three hours, but when we came back it was just in a tree directly above the car. This record serves as a memento of that trip.

It sounds like nothing else to me, and I guess that makes sense as it's about as far away as you can travel from here, made by people who had little contact with the Western world at that point.