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UKAEA 8" Single On New Material 7.x
John Doran , September 30th, 2019 12:29

For when 7" of modular techno just won't cut it, here's Dan Jones with an 8" on a new label run by The Raw Materials

New "weird" "Brit", Dan Jones is returning to the techno fray with a track called 'Prison Ship' which is a split with 'Dymaxion Projection' by Ebcidic, on lathe cut 8" vinyl and both of which, you can hear above.

The UK/New Zealand Electro-Acoustic duo The Raw Materialists have launched Material 7.x - a new imprint on their E.I.SKY label, which looks for intersections between techno, krautrock, ambient and noise.

Dan tells us that he is working on a new "violent solo or small ensemble" iteration of UKAEA which will make its debut in November based on "primarily on interlocking metallic tones, heavy moog drums, lumps of metal played live and resynthesized, scrambled field recordings and live vocals".

And if this whets your whistle you can catch up with DJ's monthly global madness show on Threads which are archived here.