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LISTEN: Ahrkh Wagner's Music For Meditations
Christian Eede , September 23rd, 2019 16:03

GNOD's A. P. Macarte and Mark Wagner of H.U.M. combine on the first instalment of this "holistic sound project"

The next release from the Golden Ratio Frequencies label will see GNOD's A. P. Macarte and H.U.M.'s Mark Wagner reconvene as Ahrkh Wagner for their first release together since 2016's self-titled effort on Tesla Tapes.

Titled Music for Meditations Vol. 1, the release marks the first instalment in what the label describes as "an on-going holistic sound project" from the duo. It follows on from Mark Wagner releasing a cassette on Golden Ratio Frequencies, titled Piano Prayer, over the summer. You can stream Music for Meditations Vol. 1 in full just below.

The roots of Music for Meditations Vol. 1 lie in studio session that Macarte and Wagner had in London in 2016 with the pair settling on an equation for their future work that "frequency + intention = healing". They recorded the music featured here together in the bell tower of London's St. Johns in Hackney Church with a minimalist set-up of field recordings, vocals and looping tools.

Vocals from sound practitioner Lani Rocillo and London-based Sufi Khaled Hakim were later added at Wagner's studio in Hackney and the finished release was then shared via YouTube. This release through Golden Ratio Frequencies marks the first time it will be available to listen to and purchase in full audio quality. It will be available via the label's Bandcamp page from October 4.