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WATCH: Body/Vice's Supernormal 2019 Set
Christian Eede , September 13th, 2019 15:50

Natalie Sharp's latest project is captured in all its glory in this video from IMPATV

Never one to rest on her laurels, Natalie Sharp, AKA Lone Taxidermist, debuted a new stage show as Body/Vice over the summer following on from her shows in recent years in support of last album Trifle.

One of the festivals at which she presented BodyVice over the summer was last month's Supernormal in Oxfordshire and above, IMPATV have captured her full set from the event so you can watch it back.

BodyVice sees Sharp explore what's possible with the human body and technology in order to connect the performer with the audience. She plays live alongside flautist Tida Bradshaw, filmmaker Matt Watkins and sound artist Tara Pattenden, who has helped her create the 'skinstruments' which form part of the show.

Reviewer Eden Tizard, who was at the festival, described the set as a "potentially festival stealing performance," describing it as "an MRI themed paranoia rave masterminded by Natalie Sharp – or Lone Taxidermist as you may well know her.

"tQ's own John Doran comes on stage in full hospital gown - though perplexingly still his summer hat - and delivers dread drenched spoken word over the jolts and beeps of medical machinery, referring to his own experiences in an MRI machine and a desire for a 24/7 existential button that he will no doubt be forcibly be disconnected due to over usage."

Read the review here and keep your eyes on tQ for more Supernormal highlights next week.