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Baker's Dozen

Off The Airwaves, On The Stereo: Mark Radcliffe's Favourite LPs
Jude Rogers , September 18th, 2019 08:26

Radio DJ hero and now musician Mark Radcliffe tells Jude Rogers tales of being seduced by David Bowie and the gift of a cheese pie from Kate Bush in this week's Baker's Dozen, also featuring the likes of Bob Marley, Joy Division and Stevie Wonder


Jeff Buckley – Grace
This album is like a moment in time. It feels like his whole life is in that record, and it's the only one he was happy to put out, of course – obviously there were others put together after he died. I met him once, but I don't really think about that when I listen it. I think about the idea of only one record existing which was the way he wanted it to sound. And imagine it being this record. What a thing to leave behind. 

It's been an interesting exercise, picking these thirteen records, especially now. It's made me look at the shelves and think, well, if I moved to another room, and could only carry the things I'd have with me to keep me happy for the rest of my life, what would I really take? And the truth is that it wouldn't be that many. These thirteen would not be a bad way to go. Although thirteen Bowie albums wouldn't be bad either. I'm a happy man, really.