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A Safe Place For Me: Jesca Hoop's 13 Favourite Records
Diva Harris , August 14th, 2019 08:25

Ahead of her performance at Green Man this weekend, Jesca Hoop guides Diva Harris through her 13 favourite albums, from Björk to Dylan, Cat Stevens and Kate Bush


Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks
This was another one that was in my dad’s collection. I remember hearing that it was a controversial record, and one that divided fans. He’s not being political - they wanted the protest tunes, and the old country fables, and most of this is about love! But they’re fucking great love songs.

The only song I don’t dig on this record is ‘Idiot Wind’. [Laughing] I don’t know what this song is for. It’s very unkind! Every single song on this record has a soft place in my heart…apart from ‘Idiot Wind’.