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Discogs Launches Platform For Pro Record Sellers
Christian Eede , August 8th, 2019 16:54

NearMint is geared towards those selling large amounts of records via the site

Discogs has launched a new software add-on to its platform called NearMint designed for professional vinyl sellers.

The new feature will allow large-scale sellers to launch promotional campaigns via Discogs, and give them the ability to change a large number of prices and send out messages to lots of buyers at once.

It will allow multiple users to run one account and give them the ability to create individual listings or multiple listings at once for repeat records. It's hoped that the platform will allow those with inventories in the 1000s to sell through the site more easily.

"For years I ran a small business on Discogs as a side hustle, always looking for better ways to minimize the mundane data processes to focus my time on finding better collections to buy and grow the business," says NearMint creator and Managing Director Daniel Spijker. "I had been looking for a tech solution for a long time, but never found something and eventually started working on my own, which turned into NearMint."

The service is now available to all users via Discogs. You can find more information here.