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Baker's Dozen

Impulse purchases: Oren Ambarchi Jazz (Fusion) Baker's Dozen
Jennifer Lucy Allan , August 7th, 2019 08:10

The musician, label head and self-described record obsessive has eyes bigger than his stomach in his own Proustian boulangerie of jazz and fusion records. By Jennifer Lucy Allan.


John Abercrombie/Dave Holland/Jack DeJohnette – Gateway I & II
I was always really into guitar music and drum music, so having John Abercrombie and Jack DeJohnette on the same record was huge. And of course, Dave Holland's incredible. These two records were really, really big for me growing up, I was obsessively into them. Anything with Jack DeJohnette, I would buy. It was a lot of records. But it really led to many different things, because Jack DeJohnette would make a record with Arthur Blythe, or people from the Art Ensemble via the Chicago connection that he had.

It's so fantastic when you're young, and you can just delve into these areas and go off on tangents. With ECM, one minute, you're listening to a Sam Rivers record and then the next you're listening to an Eberhard Weber record, you know? They’re so different from one another, but when you're 14, everything's up for grabs.