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SOPHIE Shares Remix Album Stream
Christian Eede , July 30th, 2019 08:51

The 25-track continuous album comes in two parts

SOPHIE has shared the full details for the remix album accompanying her 2018 LP Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides. You can hear it in full via YouTube above and below.

The artist previously confirmed details of the record earlier this month, announcing that it would be available in an edition of 100 CDs which come inside a custom clutch purse. She shared the full stream via a series of Twitter posts last night (July 29).

The 25-track remix album plays continuously, and comes in two parts. It features alternate versions of tracks such as 'Faceshopping', 'Ponyboy' and 'Whole New World', as well as a number of previously unreleased tracks, some of which have appeared in her live shows.

Find a full tracklist for the album below.

Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides Remix Album tracklist

Side 1

  1. Cold World
  2. Not Okay (Alone Remix)
  3. XTC Acid
  4. Ponyboy (Megadog)
  5. Push Emission (wHor3 Moans)
  6. Ponyboy (Faast Boy Remix)
  7. Faceshopping (Lipstick Gel Remix)
  8. Not Okay (Machine World)
  9. Whole New World (Doss and SOPHIE Remix)
  10. Infatuation (Lichtbogen Dreamin' Remix)
  11. Faceshopping (Euphoria Remix)
  12. Pretending I Give In (Let Go)

Side 2

  1. Leeds Heaven And Hell
  2. Whole New World (Big Kiss Remix)
  3. Pony Whip
  4. Faceshopping (Money Mix)
  5. Pretend World (SHop Front)
  6. Laser
  7. Cold Water
  8. Dive (SDF)
  9. Infatuation (Sunlight Zone)
  10. Infatuation (Twilight Zone)
  11. Infatuation (Midnight Zone)
  12. Infatuation (The Abyss)
  13. Infatuation (The Trenches)