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Baker's Dozen

Gold Gold Gold Gold Fire Fire Fire Fire: Douglas McCarthy's Favourite LPs
Luke Turner , July 24th, 2019 08:55

As Nitzer Ebb gear up to play Helsinki's Flow Festival, Douglas McCarthy talks Luke Turner through his favourite music, from listening to classical while eating offal on Canvey Island through David Bowie, Killing Joke, Brian Eno, JJ Cale, Thelonious Monk and more


Television - Marquee Moon
We were doing a press junket to the US, just me and Bon, and some of it was done with this budding A&R guy who drove us around New York. We were sat in some posh hotel and having a few drinks, and he started talking about Television. He was impassioned, saying how he'd learned to play guitar from scratch by listening to and copying Tom Verlaine and within a year or two he'd become a competent player. Our interest in guitars was starting to grow, we'd done Ebbhead - we actually used a sample from 'Marquee Moon' on 'Ascend'… because nobody could play that [laughs]. Having this guy talking about how his entire musical approach was based on one performance by a single guitarist on an album that collectively... the production was amazing, the lyrically it's great, I love the way Tom Verlaine's voice is just screeching at such a weird pitch. And it's a really funny album, then there's all those happy accents like the Mapplethorpe picture on the front was just a Polaroid test but was the one they went with, which apparently he hated.