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Baker's Dozen

Gold Gold Gold Gold Fire Fire Fire Fire: Douglas McCarthy's Favourite LPs
Luke Turner , July 24th, 2019 08:55

As Nitzer Ebb gear up to play Helsinki's Flow Festival, Douglas McCarthy talks Luke Turner through his favourite music, from listening to classical while eating offal on Canvey Island through David Bowie, Killing Joke, Brian Eno, JJ Cale, Thelonious Monk and more


Killing Joke - Killing Joke
We were still kids, skateboarding, and I'm a couple of years younger than Dave and Bon. My best mate Dave Ford bought that album. When you're somewhere between 12 and the dole you can't all afford to buy the music you want, so you'd decide who would buy what, and then you'd tape it and share it around. Mark bought this one, and honestly just the start of this, [sings ‘Requiem’], even now it creates a massive response. I remember just seeing the cover, listening to it, and it's the time when you're a kid, and I don't even know if kids do it anymore because it's a different time, but you'd sit listening to the album looking at the cover.