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Baker's Dozen

The Weirder The Better: Buzz Osborne Of Melvins' 13 Favourite Records
Elizabeth Aubrey , July 18th, 2019 10:14

Melvins founder King Buzzo takes tQ through a list of his thirteen favourite records, from Tom Waits to Butthole Surfers via PiL, Pixies and The Who


Gang of Four - Solid Gold

I got that record probably about 1980, I think. I just thought that I’d never heard anything like it. Never. I haven’t even heard a record like that since. I’ve no idea what they were listening to, I've no idea where that came from – it was just incredible and unlike anything I’d ever heard. The songs from that record are very well put together and even though there’s certain [moments] where each guy is doing their own very different thing, it still fits together perfectly. They’re not playing off of each other at all either and I think that’s a really wonderful thing.

I think that was a massive influence on our band – much more so than people think actually. Certainly, on our second record, Ozma. That was one of the main records we were listening to and one that probably influenced it more than most. I’ve never not listened to that record. All I ever hear people say is that ‘Entertainment!’s better’, but it is not better. Solid Gold is a way better record – way better record – on every level for me. I think it’s their best album.

When people don’t get that record, I say: ‘don’t even bother with them!’ [laughs] or ‘oh, you’re not using your ears!’ Entertainment! is a good record, the first song on Solid Gold, ‘Paralysed’, that’s one of the best songs they ever did. It’s weirdness, top to bottom and the musicianship is top notch. It’s a gigantic influence on what we’ve done. I didn’t see them live a lot, but I saw them when they reformed, and we played with them at All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, which was cool. But beyond that, I don’t know them. I'm not good at networking, meeting people, stuff like that. I'm really bad at it. I don’t feel comfortable doing it.