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The Weirder The Better: Buzz Osborne Of Melvins' 13 Favourite Records
Elizabeth Aubrey , July 18th, 2019 10:14

Melvins founder King Buzzo takes tQ through a list of his thirteen favourite records, from Tom Waits to Butthole Surfers via PiL, Pixies and The Who


Public Image Limited - Flowers Of Romance

This album is the one that absolutely everybody hated at the time when it first came out and I couldn’t quite get my head around that because I thought it was really cool. I thought it was amazingly adventurous and absolutely the right album for them to make at that time. Some of the greatest stuff I’ve ever heard from them is on this album actually, it’s the best record they ever made for me. I don’t understand people who don’t get that. The drum loops are really cool on it, there’s no guitar and actually, there’s no bass either I don’t think.

What makes it a great record is that it is just really weird and odd and I think I appreciate that from any artist; the weirder the better, always. You can’t make anything too weird for me. If it’s too weird, you're too old!

It also seems like that record was a huge influence on the sound of the Melvins as well…

Absolutely. It’s a huge influence on us, the whole record. I mean, it is kind of song-oriented, but it’s more the whole thing, the concept of it that is important mostly because its unlike anything that went before. The whole experience of listening to songs on that album massively shaped us and more.