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Seven at 77 2019 Nick Roseblade , July 10th, 2019 09:18

The latest Seven at 77 collection offers up another set of musicians creating music without borders to help a meaningful cause, find Nick Roseblade

Charity begins at home, they say. But for the third instalment of the Seven at 77 series from Where It’s At Is Where You Are (wiaiwya), it begins in the studio. The concept is simple: seven musicians recorded one track lasting 77 minutes that is released on 7th July with the proceeds going to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders), an organisation where doctors, nurses and medical professionals give their time to work globally in regions affected by endemic diseases and conflict zones just so people get the care they need. These songs will be made available digitally, but there is also a limited 7 CD boxset housed in a denim wallet up for grabs. Not only is this a truly worthwhile cause, the music is incredible and offers a rewarding listen.

Diversity has always been a staple at wiaiwya and this is no exception. The music ranges from ambient field recordings with electronic bleeps and drones to spoken word folk and laidback hip-hop vibes with catchy synth melodies. One of the most immediate tracks is by The Autobahn of Life. This is a glorious assault of guitar solos and early morning jazz vibes, making ‘Trains Below the City’ sound like the house band for the come down generation.

This is the strongest, most cohesive and enjoyable Seven at 77 yet and one of the best of wiaiwya’s releases this year. What Seven at 77 2019 shows is that not all charity records have to be ‘Band Aid’ or the War Child comps, they can be something far more abstract and visceral. The songs are a slow burn and take a while to warm up, and if you aren’t in the mood it can get frustrating as they don’t really do a lot. This said Seven at 77 2019 does offer some exquisite high points; Isnaj Dui creating elegant drone through maths, for one.

While the recordings are totally different Seven at 77 2019 is a release to get lost in, full of glorious music without borders. Whether it’s through the sounds of the world reimagined and manipulated, by Mike Winship or tQ’s own Bobby Barry; The Autobahn of Life transferring the experience of commuting through laidback jazzy vibes; or The Unattached discussing what it means to be a prophet. This is a collection of elongated soundscapes that offer time for contemplation while helping a worthy cause. So: maybe charity does being at home.